Our accessories are indispensible helper,
who should lack nowhere.
Functional and useful design maintains order
and protects the equipment of high quality.

Cover for the non-aiming eye

Very simple and fast assembly of the eye aperture. The distance between the aperture and the eye is adjustable.
less eye pressure after a prolonged process objective. Simple height adjustment to the tilting of the weapon.
Because of the aperture distance between the eye and the iris there is enough space for the wind observation.

Special detergent
Art.10 Special detergent for transparent front-sights and optical sights

Front sight cover

One size for all brands,
best fitting, variable in size, best hold.
The fabric is waterproof, but air-transparent.
The compartment avoids the foresight getting dirty.
The Nylon-fabric is washable and fuzz-free.
Front sight cover,
label and colour as desired or out of stock

Micrometer sight cover

One size for all brands, best fitting in high quality standart and production.
The Nylon-fabric with firm insert, fuzz-free and washable.
Different colours are available.

Front-sight box

Funktional plastic - box for transparent front- sights, screw and tool.
White, pink, yellow, green, blue, greenish-blue.
By order of 50 pieces or more your logo is imprintable. Price on demand

Safe Box

Stop the complicated handling with the adhesive tapes at your pellet boxes. With easy handling you have a safekeeping of your pellet box and your pellet box is secured against opening and damaging.
Your logo printed is possible!








Storage for sights and optics. Made of high quality plastic. Shock-and impact-resistant. for sights, optics and accessories both sides covered with foam.

Blue Box quadratisch

Blue Box medium lang,

Blue Box large lang


Art. MTO Screwdriver set


Screwdriver with keyring

Safety Look

Synthetic cartridge with signal flag.
Gives signal, that there is no live cartridge in chamber.
No cooling down of barrel.


Art.19P01 calibre 4,5 mm
Art.19P02 calibre 22 mm

Pistol glove
Art.PH 100

Made of TACTEL AQUATOR STRETCH, fitted for all weapons.
Warms the hand in all weather conditions.
Encloses hand and pistol-grip.