• Transparency for perfect sight
  • Seven different colours are making sure precision in all light conditions
  • About 50 measurements graded from 2,0 - 7,0 in 10 different accomplishments, fitting for every front-sight tunnel.
  • In house production
  • Convincing quality


Our transparent front sights make sure maximum transparency for optimal viewing! Different colors provide accuracy in any light. We offer transparent front sights in more than 100 dimensions from 1.2 to 11.0 in different designs fitting for every front sight tunnel. In addition to the classic transparent front sight, our range offers special front sights for every need.

Our in-house manufacturing ensures quality and makes special requests possible.


Transparent front sight Ø 14/16 mm  

For FWB 601 und Hämmerli.
For clamp bolt, screw thread M18

from 2,8 to 4,0 1/10 graded
from 4,2 to 6,0 2/10 graded


Transparent front sight Ø 15/17 mm  

For all brands,
for clamping screw Art. 20 and 22
and canting adjustment screw Art. 24/15

from 2,2 to 7,0 1/10 graded


5 transparent plastic front sights ( Art.15)
insert set-box
sorted as desired


8 transparent front-sights (Art.15) with
clamping screw in a set box,
sorted as desired

Transparent front sight Ø 18/20 mm  

for FWB 602, 603, etc. for M 22

from 2,0 to 3,0 2/10 graded
from 3,0 to 7,0 1/10 graded


10 transparent front sights (Art.18) in a set box, sorted as desired

Front Sight Adlerauge
  1. Contrastring is placed in the Plexiglas plate
  2. Two-surface-system: contrast surface and absorption area. Thus, there is no stray light stripe on the contrast surface, but even concentrically contrast on the whole contrast surface.
  3. None parallax shift at view with diopter
  4. Absolute concentric seeing of the front sight hole
  5. No elipse formation at the hole when looking through the front sight with diopter

Art. C15

all colours with black ring

M18 Ø 15/17mm
Matching for all M18 front sight tunnel with screw Art. 20, 22 or 22i.Sizes: 2,2- 8,0 - 1/10 graded.
Other sizes available on request



Art. C18

all colours with black ring

M22 Ø 18/20 mm
Matching for all front sight tunnel M22 with front sight holder screw and srew Art.24/118, as well as front sight holder Top Duo
Sizes: 2,2-9,0 - 1/10 graded. Other sizes available on request


For Top Duo only

Art. C25

all colours with black ring

Ø 20/25 mm
2,8 -9,0 - 1/10 graded.
9,0-10,0 - 2/10 graded.