TOP 50 is an alternative to the traditional system, the front sight tunnel system. TOP 50 is easy to install and it allows fast and precise switch from front sight and Adlerauge.
Suitable for is the front sight K25, with a diameter of 25 mm and a centered ring for best contrast. Front sight K25 can be delivered in the usual front sight colors. The suitable Adlerauge TOP A is in a plexiglass ring focus.

The TOP 50 system has no disturbing front sight tunnel ring, which distracts the eye. The target image is detected fast and centered quickly. It is less target error.

Complete Set Sight

Art. TOP A50

Front-sight holder for clear front sight and Adlerauge.
Suitable for FWB, Walther, Anschuetz, Steyr, Hämmerli.
Please name type of weapon!
Complete set consisting of front sight holder, clear top front sight K25 (color and size of your choice), Adlerauge Top A25. Please indicate the desired diopter strength. Included is a tool to change the components.

Basic equipment

Art. TOP K50
Front sight holder TOP with transparent front sight TOP (color and size of your choice). The empty ring relieves the eye and makes target acquisition easier. The package includes a Allen wrench for changing components.

Klarsichtkorn für TOP 50

ART. K25

Only transparent front sight TOP, 2.8 - 11.0, 1/10 graded.
In clear, red, yellow, blue, green. Other dimensions on request.

Adleraugen for TOP 50

Art. TOP A2505
Adlerauge TOP, 0,5 dpt.

Art. TOP A2503
Adlerauge TOP, 0,3 dpt.

Art. TOP A2575
Adlerauge TOP, 0,75 dpt.


sight protection, textile, fuzzy-free sight cover

When ordering, please specify type of weapon


Develop a free floating front sight, where is no front sight tunnel or something else is disturbing. A front sight with just a contrasting ring. Each additional ring of front sight tunnel disturbs the human eye. The eye centered first front sight tunnel with the iris, then the front sight ring with the target object. The eye is in constant communication with the front sight and the front sight tunnel ring. A part of concentration for the actual objective process lost and it is target error.
With the new developed front sight and front sight holder the eye immediately centered on the iris front sight and the target object. Target errors are nearly excluded.

(the idea about developing TOP A50)


Cover for TOP A50


Metal cover for protection or against bright light. Easy to handle, simply put over the front sight holder!
Available in black, red, blue and silver. Length 5 cm.
Please tell desired colour!